Video Production Sample

Workplace Freedom Case Study


his short project was completed for an Ohio based advocacy group working on amending labor laws in the state.

Like anything we produce, some basic questions must always be answered:

  • Who is the audience: defined after significant research – working age, unaffiliated voters.
  • Location of audience: mobile and desktop internet users residing in Ohio
  • Medium: YouTube and Facebook

Background and intent: advocacy group focused on unity and action with a need to drive messaging around the exact words “Workplace Freedom” as they were re-branding controversial public policy in Ohio.

The web-based video was designed to introduce the basic concept of “Workplace Freedom” to a fairly receptive audience. This video was more about awareness and tone setting than hard persuasion and selling.

It’s got to be your choice…

The central theme around this group was empowering worker’s with the freedom to choose, a powerful theme that can be applied to multiple public policies.